Best in (Royal) Show

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Poodle 1

At the next election someone might put up an Australian Dogs Party
and perhaps nudge the Motoring Enthusiasts Party or the Shooting Up Australia Party out of the senate. The dog pictured here being groomed at the Royal Melbourne Show might be a candidate. Is there anything in the Australian Constitution that says members of the senate must be human?Would dogs do a better job than humans at running the country?”A Bone in Every Home” could be their election-winning slogan that surpasses the legendary “It’s time” slogan used by Gough Whitlam to win the 1972 election. The double entendre of “bone” will ensure plenty of retweeting and bar jokes. What else do you need to win an election?

I hope there are no true believers reading this blog who still think “policies” are actually important. Laughable naivety. Good grooming is far more important. Look at Bob Hawke’s quaff of silver hair, for example. More than two decades on, it is still demanding a leading role of its own.

And the coifs, quaffs and fluffs on the standard poodle above would put any recent Prime Minister in the shade. (Although maybe not some of the early PM’s with their manicured whiskers.) So I suggest Tony better watch his back for the rise in the polls of a Best in (Royal) Show poodle named “Brutus”.

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