Cow Tight Lipped on Artist

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The sign on this street art installation near the Victoria Market in central Melbourne reads:

“FOR SALE $999 – BASED ON $ PER SQ MT IN MELB. CHEAP!  Leave cheque here

Disturbingly, the artist’s name was nowhere in the vicinity. I asked the cow (inset) who the artist is. She remained tight lipped. Her contented, slightly demented gaze added to this reporter’s frustration.

She wouldn’t even give me her name. So I tried out a few for size: “Clarabelle, Daisy, Betsy …”

Finally, she let loose with, “Stop tryin’ to stereotype me, mudderfucker!”

Now we were getting somewhere.

I dropped the name guessing, and went straight for the obvious issue: “If you’re not included in this land deal, do you think your presence is misleading potential buyers?”

I have to hand it to her, she simply said, “No comment,” and went back to munching her grass. Talk about ‘holding the line’.

Anyone who knows the artist, please send me contact details and I will put the hard questions to her or him.

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