Do You See What I See?

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Move over “Baby on Board” signs. You have competition. Family car stickers are sweeping the world. Maybe they won’t stop people deliberately ramming the back of your car if they suspect you don’t have a baby on board, but these new stickers still serve a purpose. Family stickers make a statement.

But does the intended statement by the family match the perception by the public? Put simply, do you see what I see? (Cue: Hunters & Collectors song using this title.)

There is a danger that these cutesy cartoons unwittingly portray the passengers in the car in a less than flattering light. Not to put too fine a point on my concern but – let’s face it – the word “morons” comes to mind.

I have my own nuclear family so don’t think my line of questioning comes from some perverse envy or sour grapes because I’m not part of one. On the contrary, this is why I feel I am in a position to save the owners of these stickers from themselves.

Perhaps the “Danger” sign I have added to the above picture says it all. THAT’s how you risk being perceived. You don’t care, you say? Fine, but don’t come crying to me in the next decade when you cry out late one night: “What the fuck was I thinking?”

If you have lived through a few decades you will probably have similar regrets and embarrassing photos that feature mullets, shoulder pads, chain smoking, bomber jackets, cargo pants, tribal tattoos, backward baseball caps, and that special friend with the fungal problem.

But if you think my well-intentioned attempt to save you from yourself is misguided, that my love is a little too tough, then please give me some insight (via Comments below) into your motivation to plaster the back of your SUV with family stickers. And a caution: grasping at the word “humorous” isn’t going to cut it.

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