Hey, Donald, Sir Les is Raring to Go!

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When news broke about Donald Trump’s election, Sir Les Patterson was thrilled. This happy snap shows Sir Les when he heard the news while up the bush, extending his heartwarming love affair with Australia.

Sir Les immediately pitched his services to Mr Trump, citing his long and distinguished career as an international cultural attaché for Australia. “The Big Don, as I call him, knows about my services to the Yartz and the Tasmanian Cheese Board, but he may not be up to date with my roles as the Minister for Shark Conservation as well as Chairman of the Council for Inland Drainage and Rodent Control.”

When asked why Donald Trump’s brand of politics appealed to him, Sir Les replied, “Although his ideas on border control are a little softer than mine, that fella knows how to get as much out of his Girl Fridays and research assistants as I do.”

The Trump Organization is yet to respond to Sir Les Patterson’s offer.

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  1. Slim Whitby says:

    Sir Les – 100 times the man Don will ever be.

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