Soviet Cereal for Comrades

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The Soviet Union copped some bad press when it fell apart a little over 20 years ago. Unfair really. It wasn’t all gulags and goosestepping behind guided missiles. On the contrary, the great communist experiment of the 20th century is still inspiring utopian ideas in this century. Comrade Jay Wilson’s visionary creation of Commu Loops is a recent example.

The packaging boasts: “Exactly 2,000 Monochromatic Loops in Every Box for Maximum Nutrition and Maximum Equality.” If this isn’t already making your mouth water, then you WILL start drooling once you realise you can “Start Your Day with the Sweat and Blood of the Motherland in Every Loop.”

But my favourite part of waking up to Commu Loops each morning has become completing the maze on the front cover to “Discover How Communism Never Fails!” (Just ask China.)

The sort of hysteria Americans whip themselves into about Communism is sooo 2012, as this scene exposing “Rainbowland” from Will Ferrell’s movie The Campaign aptly demonstrates.

The only question I’m left with is why did it take an up-and-coming Melbourne artist such as Jay to place a self-evident truth on the front of a cereal box: “Good for the Motherland. Good for You.”?

If Joey Stalin had come up with this idea, America may have lost the Cold War.

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