The Boganaires’ Pin-up?

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Gina Rinehart is not just a pretty face. Her activism with the BLF (Billionaires’ Liberation Front) against the evils of a mining tax required the courage of a commander storming the beaches.

She also had the fortitude and decency to give us the tough love and home truths we deserved about our sense of entitlement and bad habits. Ask her half-sister.

No wonder that millionaire bogans – otherwise known as boganaires – have embraced her as a role model. This respect alone should have been sufficient for Fairfax to jump at the chance to have her on the board. Their loss.

But boganaires don’t stop at simple respect with Gina. It’s deeper. And harder. Mark my words, a generation of boganaire children are on the way with names such as Gheena, Geenar, Jinah and Jeena.

So it was no surprise to hear rumours that if you have the right contacts and a wad of cash, you can lay your hands on a 2013 calendar with 12 pictures of Gina in alluring poses. Just imagine . . .

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