The Lactose Intolerant Should Look Away Now

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Easter Egg 1

If you are lactose intolerant, please ignore this 3.4 kilogram milk chocolate Easter egg. For everyone else, try picturing this giant egg on Easter Sunday being pitched around a large circle of friends and family, while trying not to break it.

It’s amazing how long this can go on for, but of course no-one is upset when the inevitable happens and the egg cracks. The egg sometimes survives a few more throws and catches before disintegrating into countless pieces on the lawn.

The mad scramble that follows gets messy but never ugly. Well, maybe a bit ugly, as kids with sugar-crazed eyes and chocolate dribbling from their mouths pop their heads up for breath from the growling scrum on the ground.

This year’s egg is named Bert, after our chocolate Labrador. And, no, we don’t have a chocolate problem in the family. Unless it runs out.


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