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The Bogan wine

Imagine wandering around inner Sydney, looking for something to drink. Not hard. You find yourself in a random pub’s bottle shop and come across a bottle of wine called The Bogan.

You think this could be cheap, quaffing wine. Better buy it. Then you’re shocked to find it costs over $50. More than three times your usual bottle-of-wine budget.

A dilemma. The pious cheaper wines are calling you: “Be sensible and spend the money you would save on your family.” And, of course, you can’t help thinking “There’s a sucker born every minute … like me for this bottle of wine just because of its stupid name.”

You’d like to walk away, but know your night would be ruined by the hamsters in your head wondering what this drop would have tasted like. How desperate would it look to return to this bottle shop before breakfast, like you’d been reduced to sleeping in the car park? Like that would ever happen. Well …

After all, it is Friday night and you’ve worked hard all week. Well, some of it. The bottle has the word “Vintage” somewhere, and the label looks serious – not loud and laughable like your cashed-up Kath-&-Kim type bogan. But nor does it look cheap like it’s meant for your lowly Housos type bogan.

Out comes the credit card.

In the morning you’re pleased you forked out. After breakfast, you look up The Bogan online and discover it isn’t a one-off novelty wine. It has been around since at least 2002, won all sorts of medals, and, oh, is a Shiraz. Details.

So where does the vineyard go from here? The Boguette?


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