Shane Jacobson’s TV Debut in 1994

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Shane Jacobson in 1994 TV debut

Shane Jacobson explains lighting for rock bands.

This is Shane Jacobson’s 1994 TV debut, aged about 23. These excerpts are from an instructional video on rock’n’roll lighting for Ausmusic, a not-for-profit music industry company supported by the federal Labor government of the time.

The community station Channel 31 in Melbourne regularly featured Ausmusic’s instructional videos, and Shane’s videos on lighting were his first exposure on TV. Shane was a natural in front of the camera. He had an engaging and easy-going style, punctuated by the occasional dad joke. He needed only minimal direction from me.

As sales manager at Premier Lighting in Port Melbourne, Shane presented two videos on lighting, which were largely improvised across two shooting sessions. The second session ran from dusk till dawn on a weeknight, but Shane never seemed to tire. A quality that served him well during the three years it took Shane and his brother Clayton to create their brilliant breakout (2006) movie, “Kenny”.

As the host of the Logie Awards in 2016, Shane replayed some early TV work by Julia Morris and Asher Keddie in the 1980s, so I didn’t think Shane would mind some of his own early work appearing on YouTube for all to enjoy. Shane proves that glorious mullets were not confined to the 1980s. To view, please click this link.

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